Ptlls Unit 1 Q4

City and Guilds 7303 Unit 1 Q4


  We all need ground rules, whether it be in the home between parents and children, in the working environment between colleagues or simply sat in a café bar watching the world go by, we should know how to behave in an appropriate manner.

  In a learning environment between pupils and teacher it is of upmost importance that ground rules are put in place on the first day of the course and it is a good idea for the students to take ownership of these rules with guidelines from the tutor, so as not to feel dictated to.


  As a beauty therapist in a salon/spa environment there are clear rules that must be adhered to at all times, so as to ensure the comfort, safety and relaxation of the client.
  The therapists must follow guidelines to provide a clean, safe and happy environment for themselves as well as the clients.

  As the majority of beauty learning will be practical and in a mock salon set up I think it would be a great idea to use role play with props to ensure students get to know the importance of their ground rules.

  In a lucky dip style bag would be the following items: a facial headband, a watch, earphones, mobile phone, chewing gum, cigarettes, hand soap, a gossip magazine, pair of toy chatter teeth and a dirty bowl and mask brush!
  Each student or pairs(depending on the size of the group) plumps for an item, the lucky student who picks the headband is going to receive a lovely relaxing facial! Or is she???

  After a discussion about each item and why each is relevant, I myself would perform the facial whilst each pupil acts with their prop.

  The Scenario:   The therapist rushes in 10 minutes late for her appointment(WATCH), doesn’t have time for a consultation so doesn’t listen to the clients needs (EARPHONES) so does exactly what she wants. The phone keeps bleeping/vibrating in the background(MOBILE) with numerous text messages, but does that really matter when...