Ptlls Groundrules

Symon Wallace Groundwork Southwest

Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and underpin behavior and respect for others

“I see ground rules as mutually agreed reciprocal arrangements where others’ views and needs are appreciated and valued. This creates a safe and respectful space in which all participants have the opportunity to benefit from the learning experience” Sarah Wayt BSc MAR (2008)

As with all aspects of life, when it comes to dealing with any group of individuals that are gathered together in order to learn something new ground rules are an essential part of dealing with them right from the start. To be able to ascertain were everybody stands with reference to behavior and respect for others. The best way in my personal opinion is to set ground rules during the initial induction when all individuals meet for the first time.

Some ground rules have to be set in stone, for example for health and safety reasons and in some cases company policy or even depending on what the learners will eventually be doing. In my case, a group of young adults 18-24yrs will be working in various outdoor locations and certain language, subjects or behavior would be unacceptable.

Another interesting way to set non sensitive ground rules would be to ask the learners to call out there own ideas on ground rules and you could write them on a white board and discuss why they are important, some examples could be;
Turning off mobile phones
Respect other peoples opinions
Be attentive
No foul language

This may in turn help to create a happy medium environment within the group; it can also help break the ice a little within a new group. It can assist in helping the learners to understand and remember the ground rules discussed and then put them in place.

Finally it is a good idea to print a copy of all ground rules and ask all learners to sign it and even put one on show within the works vehicle and or restrooms....