Ptlls Q1

George Hill Theory Assessment Q1_Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher in terms of the Teaching/Training cycle.

This response is based on the PTLLS Systematic Teaching Cycle in conjunction with guidance on teacher roles from Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK).
My main teaching area is First Aid in the Workplace and I will include aspects of how the roles, responsibilities and boundaries are specific to the organisation I work for.

Teacher roles and Responsibilities:
Identify Needs and Planning – Although my training courses are designed to cater for all learners having no previous knowledge or experience of the subject, I verbally ascertain the degree of experience that each attendee has during the induction period in order to assess the level and pitch of delivery of the lessons. This also enables me to identify whether any individuals require specific or personalised learning to assist with physical and/or learning difficulties. There may be extraneous needs such as core skills or financial difficulties and my role in this would be to advise the learner where to get support and/or assistance as I am not responsible for solving these. In North Glasgow, the Rosemount Lifelong Learning Centre provides an excellent source of learner support activities.

Designing Learning – The nature of the training uses prepared session plans and resources with different learning activities to be utilised dependent upon the group make up and background. The courses are frequently delivered at clients premises with little knowledge of the training environment and delivery facilities. Therefore there is considerable contingency built into the session plans to enable delivery from IT equipment or paper based worksheets or flipchart and marker boards.

Delivering Learning – The key teaching techniques I deploy are facilitating (organising group work and group discussions), dialogue and lectures (to convey theoretical content) and practical demonstrations for basic...