Ptlls Assessment One

Assignment: Section One
Rodney Bantleman SS120006
Task One (Word Count: 771)

    • Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

      In my current role as an NVQ trainer/assessor there are certain responsibilities that I am obliged to undertake in order to maintain the quality and the teaching methods expected from the training provider I work for and the governing bodies involved, such as the LSC, Train to Gain, OFSTED and the MATRIX quality standard for information, advice and guidance.
      I’ve been made aware of the teaching cycle in the past but never really given it too much attention other then making sure I’ve met the criteria by populating the required paperwork supplied by my employer. More often then not it seems to be a case of ‘ticking all the right boxes’ rather then actually taking onboard the values behind the structure of the cycle and putting it to use.
      When I read through section one of the PTLLS course material my initial reaction was to say, ‘well most of this is done for me!’ It’s true that lesson plans, course materials, attendance records, feedback and evaluation records and even self reflection documents are already supplied for me to use. However, after reading through the section about the teaching cycle and the responsibilities and boundaries outlined for the teacher/trainer role it began to dawn on me that in actual fact, I do take things a step further then just careful planning and structure.
      I’ve begun keeping individual records of my learners and the progress they make over the period of the course. The records tell me what initial literacy and numeracy scores where achieved and this gives me an indication of the level of support required during the course. I am also able to conduct one to one conversations with the learners and discuss learning requirements. The training I conduct sometimes requires class members to...