Ptlls Assignment

Roles of a tutor
Tutors must first identify learner’s* needs by using different resources available. Learners will be required to fill in *an* enrolment form which will ask specific questions based on the course or class .*It is important to establish this in order to gain what level of teaching is required. Other means of establishing learner needs is to have a group discussion or by means of a *questionnaire*. Learners can be given *questionnaires* or be set specific task to reference items by means of books or via internet.
Once the learners needs have been established the structure of the course can be planned and designed to fit in with individual learners needs. You can plan classes in order to set individual tasks or manage the class into small groups to establish team building. By means of team building you can pair people up to bring the best out of individuals. This also establishes confidence in the individuals. Your overall aim is to promote success in learning and to make it *enjoyable. *To gain this enjoyment you must plan the lessons accordingly by sensing the morale within the group and individuals.
Learners must be taught in a specific way according to local education and EEC standards. A syllabus must be drawn up in order to map out these requirements. Once a syllabus has been produced a copy of this should be given to the learners, but it should be explained that this can be changed at any time depending on their own progress an*d personal development. Classes can often be disrupted or side tracked so some form of groun*d rules must be established*. Often these ground rules will be based on giving *each other* respect and all agreeing these so *everyone understands the final *outcome. It* is vitally important that the tutor listens to the learner even when the learner requires a shoulder to lean *on .H*owever the tutor must discuss these discussions with their peers or direct the learner in the right direction of professional help if...