Ptlls Assignment 4 Group Rules

Group Rules – Assignment 4

What are Group Rules?
Group rules are a system of boundaries and rules within which a group of people are expected to work.
Why do we need group rules in a teaching environment?
In all areas of life there are rules and boundaries and the teaching environment is no different. Without a set of group rules or boundaries it would be difficult for all of those involved in the teaching experience to achieve the desired outcome; that is to learn the subject without fear, prejudice or distraction.
Who should decide what the group rules are?
The whole group should be involved in the process of setting the ground rules. I would suggest that the teacher or tutor take overall responsibility for coordinating the learners and guiding them as to what are appropriate group rules for their situation. There needs to be an element of control in the process so that common sense abounds and it does not become a ‘free for all’. It is likely that the teacher or tutor will already have some rules that they would like to introduce, but they will need to have the group accept them rather than imposing them.
Should the rules be verbal or written?
It is probably best for the group rules to be written down, whether group members are given their own copy is open for debate but it may be helpful to have them on a flipchart so that everyone can see them.
What should the rules be?
The rules can be whatever the group decides. Each member of the group needs to feel included and that they have ownership of the rules. Examples of what the rules could be are:
Respect for each other Confidentiality Appropriate Language
Timekeeping Switching off mobile phones Attendance
In conclusion having rules benefits every individual within a group and should help to make the learning environment a more pleasant one.

Neal Terry PTLLS 09PLPTL12