Ptlls Assignment 1

PTLLS Section 1   Assignment 1 -   Roles, Responsibilities & Boundaries in terms of the teaching / training cycle – Trevor Machin

Within my occupation as a generic trainer / assessor, my main role is to deliver National Vocational Qualifications.
To support my delivery, I employ my occupational competencies and experiences to assist when necessary, either in group sessions or on a one-to-one tuition.
In my previous job role I delivered work focussed training in structured “employability” sessions which took place in a classroom environment. This involved teaching basic interview techniques, updating C.V.’s, helping with filling in application forms as well as providing specific industry sector information.

When identifying needs / boundaries and planning for the individual, I would use stages 1 & 2 of the teaching cycle.
Specifically, needs are identified by completing a skills analysis, a learning styles questionnaire and an initial BKSB assessment that will highlight specific weaknesses.
This allows for good planning and design of the lesson content which can be more specific to the individual. It helps me to teach in a way that the learner can understand which motivates the learner to participate more and help reduce any barriers to learning.
It also helps to define boundaries such as commitment, punctuality and attendance requirements, effective communication and attitude.
Healthy boundaries for teachers would include professional values, rights and responsibilities. I must be aware of boundary violations such as inappropriate remarks, invasion of personal space and to use extreme caution with physical contact or touching. It is also my responsibility to teach appropriate boundaries and correct any type of inappropriate behaviour from learners.
Additional boundaries would be the setting of ground rules to clarify classroom management and also the ethics of attainment, (plagiarism).

For delivering and assessing, I would refer to stages 3 & 4 of...