Ptlls Assignment 4 Ground Rules

Theory assignment 4  
Ground rules
As a tutor it is my responsibility to establish ground rules. In the early stages of the course it is vital to set ground rules in place. I as a tutor encourage learners to have a say in the matter, there are set ground rules within the college such as no mobile phones, learners must attend lessons punctually etc.
When learners have input into establishing ground rules, the learners are more likely to abide by them. As a tutor it would be to my disadvantage to approach the learners with a list of rules to which there is no negotiation or input from the learners .The learners therefore will not take them seriously .I would not demand them to follow rules that they clearly may not understand or have not agreed upon.
Yes there will be rules the learners would probably prefer not to abide. Explaining   to learners how   these ground rules will be beneficial to their learning   experience is vital .I would encourage learners to suggest   ground rules that they think will work well, there is obviously a limitation of what is acceptable, however each learner has equal opportunity to express their opinions. According to Petty (2004) every teacher has ground rules, they should be thought through clearly, you may negotiate some rules but they must be agreed upon. It is vital that you continually follow these through enforcing them where appropriate. As a tutor I completely agree with Petty the learners need to understand why we establish them and they have to be agreed upon, this will lead to controlled classroom management. Atherton (2011) expresses that if the learners think these rules are put in place to simply make the tutor’s life easier the learners will simply not abide by them, but if you confirm with them how the rules will benefit them in making their lives easier they are more likely to support them. Through my experience I have found this to be completely correct and have observed more structure and respect within my classes...