Ptlls Assignment 2

Explain the ways in which you establish ground rules with your learners

Setting out ground rules early in a lesson is very important, it can/will ensure fair and respectful behaviour in the future for both teacher and learners. This will also create a relaxed and positive environment for everyone to thrive.
I would first ask all learners if they think there should be any ground rules. I would ask them if there is anything that could distract them from learning or if there is anything that could make them feel uncomfortable. I could also ask them what they would not like to see in a lesson. When a learner gives a ground rule I would ask them why they think they would need this ground rule, i would also ask the rest of the learners if they think we needed the ground rule. I would let the learners set the ground rules but if they had not came up with a ground rule that I thought would be necessary then I would try to steer them towards this ground rule. If they still don’t mention this ground rule I would tell them some ground rules I think we would need to create positive learning environment. Hopefully, because the ground rules have been set by the learners, the learners themselves will enforce the rule and reprimand the offenders.
Another way of setting ground rules if the lesson is only a short/half day course, would be for the teacher to set some necessary ground rules. This would be best done politely and maybe ask the learners ‘do you think we can set some ground rules to ensure we finish on time’.   I would be writing all the ground rules down as they are agreed on to a large piece of paper and put them   somewhere clearly on display were everyone can see them. If the rules were broken I would challenge the learners early on, because if you do not set the tone for adherence to the rules early on, it may become more difficult to enforce them later in the lesson.
I would revisit the ground rules mid way through the lesson and ask the learners if they think...