Ptlls Assign 1

Assignment Sheet                                                   1.4

Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others.
150-250 words

Make sure you address the question and the assessment criteria (p 8)

Name: Date:07/10/10 Word count: 232  

Within my working environment at the *************, working with adults with a diversity of learning difficulties the setting of ground rules is of high importance.   I believe that we all need to have boundaries, rules and respect. However I believe that the setting of these ground rules should be group led and not dictatorial.
How would I achieve this?
I would firstly ask the group what they understand about ground rules and why we need them. I would record each of the replies on flip chart to be referred to later in the session.   The use of Socratic questioning would be used to enable the session to flow and be evaluated, for example “do you think it was appropriate behaviour to be late?” Once we had established the group’s ground rules and that they applied to everyone including myself as the tutor.   We would review each rule and look at how we as individuals will apply them during our sessions.   This would include the reason for each rule and how it helps within the learning environment. We established rules jointly.
Once establish
I would record and copy the established ground rules which would be handed out to each group member. This I believe would underpin what was required of the individual as well as the group and that the rules would be more likely to be adhered to as they where group set.