Psy 265 Homosexuality Assignment

I’m A Homosexual…So What?
Carmelita N. Blades
PSY 265
William Noffsinger

I’m A Homosexual…So What?
I grew up in a Christian family that taught me that homosexuality was wrong, and an abomination under God.   As I got older, I knew that it was wrong, but chose to explore what it was all about.   In Greece, male on male sex is was something that was not looked at as a bad thing.   For instance, most of the art that is depicted is represented by a man that has his penis between a young male’s thighs, but not into his anus.   Not long after that, they began to flaunt feminine men who dressed flashy, and wore make-up and heels.   We can attribute that to what we now call drag queens.   There is a show that I personally love that is a contest for drag queens.   It was hosted and developed by a famous drag queen star named RuPaul.   The name of the show is RuPaul’s Drag Race.   There is also the Gay Pride Parade in my hometown of Chicago.   All lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals are welcomed to attend, and parade through the streets without shame.   In some cultures oral intercourse is used as a ritual for a boy becoming a man.   In the Sambian tribe, young boys from the ages of 7-10 years of age, are taken from their parents homes and made to live in a house where they engage in oral sex with older men and drink their semen.   They believe that semen would strengthen their manhood.   Not much is known about lesbian relationships, but they are more prevalent than they were in the early centuries.
In science, homosexuality has been considered to be genetic and hereditary because of a gene in the X chromosome.   It is believed that because identical twins develop from the splitting of one egg, it is more likely that if one is homosexual they will both be homosexuals.   It is also believed that women with gay brothers will produce more children because their brothers will not have them.   In some cases this is true.   My best friend’s mother-in-law has a...