Psy/265 Styles of Love

Week four check point

Styles of Love

Scenario: Logical love (pragma)
I enjoyed going out to bars and clubs just to pick up women, however I would only talk to women that had a certain characteristic about them. Back then I had no problem turning away from a woman that did not peak my interest. One night I met Latina, that showed a lot of   the characteristics that I have been searching for in a mate, and Latina   shared the same feelings. We started dating, and together we found a little more characteristics that made us more attracted to each other, at some point we fell in love, and got married, This would be considered as “logical love”.   2.       Scenario: Selfless love (agape)
My aunt Doris is a woman who devotes everything in her life to make sure that she does everything right. She loves everyone, her family and friends unconditionally, and is willing to make whatever sacrifice necessary in order to make certain that the people she love, are taken care of,   she would give the shirt off her back to warm someone else in need she does this because she loves everyone with everything in her. Displaying love, unconditionally to the fullest. This is what I considered“selfless love.” In these scenarios, both people are seeking someone to love, but they are both different because of what they are basing their love on. Myself   I was looking for a woman using logical love, by only searching for certain characteristics, while my aunt Doris is searching for love, but is willing to sacrifices for it, loving and caring about the person no matter their situation.   The styles of love in my life include, Friendship, and selfless love. An example of my friendship is with my brother we would take a day to sit down and talk. We set aside time from our busy lives to catch up on anything we may want to say. It is just like two old friends sitting down and watching the day go by over coffee. Another example of selfless love would be the things I do for my wife and some things...