April 15, 2013
Megan Hild

Historically it was believed that being homosexual was an illness or disease.   In ancient Greece men would frequently form sexual relationships with boys just at the age of puberty.   They would not penetrate the boys, but put their penis between the boy’s thighs until they would ejaculate.   It became very common for people in Florence to become a homosexual, so much so that they formed “the office of the night” in 1432.  
Biological perspectives are based on the possibilities of homosexuality coming from hormonal influences, evolutions, and genetics.   When researchers compared family trees of homosexuals and heterosexuals they discovered a significant increase in fecundity in the women related to the homosexuals in the maternal line but not in women in the paternal line (Iemmola & Ciani, 2009).   When a research project was conducted with several gay males it was found that the majority of the men had gay family members on their mother’s side of the family.  
I am fortunate enough to have a gay brother in law so I asked him how it was coming out and what it felt like right before he decided to come out to his family.   His name is Dewitt and this is his story on coming out.       I can remember from being in junior high that I was gay. I didn't know it then, but my feelings for the same sex were more prominent than the opposite. I found myself more drawn to the same sex. It wasn't for many years, until I was 18, that I acted on my feelings. It was in secret, cause I was afraid of anyone, family and/or friends ever finding out. My family, was very narrow minded, or that is how I felt when I was 18. My dad was raised in the southern part of Mississippi. He came up in a time where blacks and whites had separate bathrooms, went to separate establishments. He was the one that couldn't find out. My brothers, it wasn't more fear than it was being ridiculed. Growing up, I was always looking to be apart of their "world"....