Sperm and the Egg Psy 265

Running Header: Journey into The Unknown

Journey into The Unknown:
Sperm and Egg Finally Meet
PSY 265 Axia College

Journey into The Unknown: Sperm and Egg Finally Meet
I am so excited! Today is a very exciting day; it is finally my turn to embark upon one of the most fascinating parts of my life. It has been quite a journey am now I finally arrived here to the Infundibulum, which is the outer part of the female Fallopian tube. My scientific name is Ova, but you can call me Egg. I have been communicating with the germ cell name Sperm who lives within a human male. Sperm and I have been awaiting this journey for what seems like forever. If everything goes well we will finally get to meet! When we finally meet we will become a male or female embryo, which will mature into a baby.

I am one of 2 million Ova that have lived inside this human. Sadly, many of my sisters died during what we called the great change, the scientific name is puberty. After the great change only about 400,000 of my sisters remains. Out of all my sisters and I who live within the follicle, which are thin capsules within the ovaries, only about 400 of us will reach fulfillment and become a ripened ova (Nevid, Rathus & Fichner-Rathus, 2005).

After leaving my childhood home, the ovary, I made my way to my current location, the fallopian tube. The fallopian tube is where I will wait for my pen pal, Sperm, to arrive.   Traveling down the fallopian tube took some time, and that is why ovulation takes place about two weeks before menstruation. The tube is only 4 inches long, but in order to be ready to meet Sperm I had to travel through various parts of the tube. Along the way I met a small group who referred to themselves as Cilia. These Cilia have tiny hair-like projections that helped push me along on my journey. With the help of cilia it is possible for me to move about an inch per day.

I hope every day that Sperm and I will meet and that unlike so many of my sister before,...
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