Protein Article Research

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Thesis: Children becoming obese, being desensitized and educated by cartoons since the advancement of I'mcausing growing concern.

  1. Introduction

  1. Becoming obese based on television content

        1. Watching television instead of physical activity

              1. Ads for new toys

              2. Ads for new games

        2. Promote eating while watching = low quality + high quantity foods

              3. Ads for low nutritious foods

              4. Ads for cheap foods

        3. Food advertisements

              5. cable = educational, -   in program ads, + anti-obesity, + between program ads

              6. DVD/Videos = educational, - in program ads, + anti-obesity, - between program ads

              7. DVD/Video = noneducational, - in program ads,   - anti-obesity, + marketing tie-in food

              8. cable = noneducational, + in program ads,   - product placement

              9. General Cable = + in program ads, product placement for obesogenic foods.

  2. Being desensitized

        4. Unsympathetic to violence affecting others

            10. Violent programs - extinct fear/anxiety to fear, decreased: perception serious injury, attention violent events, sympathy violence victims, negative attitude toward violence, increased: belief violence normal - leads to: decreased helping victims, increased aggression

            11. Watched violence less likely to help victims

        5. Aggressive children caused by television viewing and video game playing

            12. Aggressive television watching leads to increased aggression

            13. An increase in time of playing video games over time caused an increase in aggression

  3. Educated by cartoons is not education

        6. Are educational programs actually teaching?