Qualitative Article Review

Qualitative Article Review: The Online Advantage
Patricia Carter
Liberty University

Qualitative Article Review: Identifying the Online Advantage
The challenge of traditional learning versus online learning has been in effect for over the last twenty plus years.   Technology has since become an effective and vital part of the classroom.   However, not only has technology become a part of the classroom, it has evolved into becoming “the classroom”.   Online learning has become a very huge alternative to traditional learning and for good reason.   It allows students to gain a solid education without ever having to physically be in a classroom.   It gives educators and course designers the capability of being more effective to more students and allowing them to force students to be more successful through collaboration, meaningful discussions, and engage students in a more beneficial way of learning.   It presents the world with the advantage of committing to their tasks, learning more content, and working not just in a classroom but within a community of learners.
      The purpose of this study is to determine the advantages of the online learning community against its predecessor, traditional face-to-face learning. The study seeks to discover how commitment, content and community play a huge role in the success of online learning. In this particular article, researchers didn’t include a description of participants that was used for the study. The research design for this article is meta-analysis, which is “results of several studies that address a set of related research hypotheses.”   (Wikipedia) Meta-analysis was an appropriate design choice because the article was based on 12 other research studies. The author of this article has hands on experience as an assistant professor in the online youth development leadership graduate program in the College of Health, Education, and Human Development at Clemson University.