Strategic Job Analysis and the Benefits of Job Analysis to Evaluation Research

This article provides a general introduction about strategic job analysis and the benefits of Job Analysis to Evaluation Research. It begins by giving the research problems. It will continue giving the brief information about the objective of the research. Literature review from the articles will be then outlined. The summary concludes with summaries of both articles.

Research problems
Basically, job analysis is the systematic process of collecting information that identifies similarities and differences in the work. Job analysis is a method that usually used in personnel research and organizational psychology. In this finding, we discuss about the job analysis provides a systematic method for documenting program staffing and service delivery that can improve evaluators knowledge about program operations. Because of the central role that staffs play in the delivery of client services and client experiences, job analysis has particular promise for evaluating human services and social welfare programs. Nevertheless, job analysis can be integrated into traditional evaluation activities and the benefits of this addition will be significant. A basic job analysis methodology is described using an example of its application as part of an evaluation of a prisoner re-entry program. In the articles, he application of job analysis techniques makes the implicit assumption that information about a job as it presently exists may be used to develop programs to recruit, select, train, and appraise people for the job as it will exist in the future. Given a rapidly changing internal and external world it is likely that many jobs will change in the future. This article reviews some new techniques that, when added to traditional job analysis procedures, may facilitate strategic planning for the development of personnel procedures such as selection and training. Examples of the new technique are presented, followed by a discussion of some topics requiring future...