Proposal to Pursue a Research Project

Focal Problem Question

High food insecurity and less harvest output annually, in Silikwe communal area.

Problem Statement

Affected harvests meaning less output of produce and which also lead to malnutrition;

diseases, high food prices and food insecurity are some of the aggressive and rude

challenges that have affected communal farmers of Ward 2 in Silikwe area.


Umbrellered under Mat-South Province and located in Gwanda North, the communal

rural farmers of the Silikwe rural community of ward 2 have been for some time battling

tempestuous and perilous situations due to poor and unsustainable crop yields and

harvests. Also located and identified under region 5 where rainfalls range from between

200-500 milliliters annually. The villagers struggle to sustain a reasonable output from

their fields. Most of the land found in this part of the region is rocky land therefore

rendering large spaces of land un-arable. Farming implements are pathetic rudiments with

some resembling primitive Stone Age hardware, with such instances being pointed

out thus proving detrimental and also contributional to the general produce output of

these rural folks. Methods of implementation in their fields lack the in depth knowledge

and the know how to maintain soil structures and proper seeding (seed planting) hence

the villagers are at the verge of being categorized as a food insecure and disaster prone

area which shall always cling and beg at the feet of those with humanitarian aid (donors).


- The project seeks to develop, encourage and inform through educative workshops,

seminars, egalitarian deployment strategies to the general community.

- Improve farming practices by introducing tested and approved and suggested methods

from technical expert advisers hence introducing a local liberal communal district market.

- Sustain the basket of every household in the community, and introducing new...