Unit Cu2963 Undertake a Research Project Within Services for Health and Social Care. Induction and Recruitment Within Social Care Settings.

Unit CU2963 Undertake a research project within services for health and social care.
Induction and Recruitment within social care settings.
The effective implementation of induction, in health and social care settings, is a significant step towards delivering high quality care and support service. Ensuring staff achieve acceptable levels of competence to practice, and show commitment, in services that value diversity and empowerment. Effective induction, is crucial to staff retention, failing to properly support staff, and assess performance during this initial period can result in demotivating, or potentially losing a worker at a crucial time. Should a disciplinary matter arise, it can be very difficult to challenge bad practice if expectations and necessary education have not been communicated or provided as part of the induction process.
Along with personal attributes, so vital to the role of a social care worker, sound understanding of processes, not only promotes good practice but assists new workers in their personal and professional development. As Employers, it is necessary to make sure we produce, well trained, qualified workers, who will hopefully progress on to become professionals, within the social care system, that we can hopefully, successfully form working partnerships with in the future, creating a more seamless, and consistent service for the individuals we support, whilst developing a strong network of multidisciplinery agencies and services.
The 2010, the revised skills for care common induction standards, were implemented to ensure that people entering social care, could demonstrate how they can provide high quality care and support. It is the first step towards recognition of their knowledge and understanding, and is a good way to prepare a worker for entry into future training and qualifications. The eight standards, relate to the mandatory units of the health and social care diploma, which helps to provide consistency of approach and...