Promoting Professional Behaviour

Name: JOICE   C.         DTLLS Yr 1                   Date: 23/2/11

  Assignment Title:   Unit 1A (Promoting professional / appropriate behavior and standards)

A. Written code of conduct with a description of how I developed it with my learners.

It is vital that classroom learning is organised professionally and in an orderly manner to enable all learners to fully participate and learn positively from their experience.   Hence the need to establish a ground rule prior to learning/teaching activities becomes paramount in a classroom environment.   The class began with general introduction of students, what they do and why they want to do the course.

I then ask the student to tell me what really annoys them in a classroom environment. From their answers, I explained the benefit of establishing ground rules before the lesson commences.

The contributions of the students were then agreed between us and subsequently used to form the code of conduct. These are some of the contributions made by the learners that formed the code of conduct.

    • All mobiles phones must be switched off, (But those expecting emergency call should leave their phones on vibrate and must leave the classroom quietly to answer any call).

    • There must be respect for each learner’s contribution to the lesson ( No undermining, interruption, laughing, sarcasm,   or sniveling, when a learner is speaking)

    • No lateness to classes (if unavoidably late, to enter the class quietly and as discreet as possible without causing distraction by moving chairs loudly etc.)

    • Raise your hands to the teacher if you want to speak while the lesson is on.

    • If you want to leave the class for natures call or otherwise, please do so very quietly

    • Respect assignment deadlines

    • No eating or drinking in class (except water)

    • Be clear with your instructions ( for the teacher)

    • Respect Equal Opportunity by being fair and respectful of others needs,...