Why You Think It Is Important – and Part of Your Responsibility – to Promote Appropriate Behaviour and Respect for Others and Ways You Would Go About Promoting Equality and Value Diversity Through Your Approaches to Education and Training.

Why you think it is important – and part of your responsibility – to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others and ways you would go about promoting equality and value diversity through your approaches to education and training

The most important task for teacher is to educate the learner. To do so the better learning environment has to be created in the classroom. Positive behaviour or good behaviour of students motivates the teacher to do a better delivery or better teaching for his students. Because of this action students also get motivated and have a better learning.

Negative behaviour or unacceptable behaviour prevents effective teaching and learning from taking place. This kind of behaviour damages the education of the learner or all learners involved in inappropriate behaviour. The bad behaviour not only damages the education of the person involved but also it damages the education of other children in the group too.

An effective curriculum appropriately differentiated to stimulate and engage the learner is the key factor in maintaining and orderly learning environment.

I have high expectations of all the learners in terms of both achievement and behaviour. I make sure my students understand my expectation about their achievement through their behaviour. Students are likely to behave and learn better when they feel responsible for their learning and capable of Success. I encourage the students under my guidance to set and organised learning goals for themselves and reflect on their own progress and work co-operatively with their fellow students.

I exhibit appropriate levels of dominance and corporation towards the learners. Having a discussion with learners I have set out the rules and procedures for General classroom behaviour, group work, seatwork, transitions and interruptions, use of materials and equipment, and beginning and ending the period or the day.

I built an effective relationships through some...