Promote Communication

You build a good effective relationship with other adults in your setting by communicating to them in a positive manner. I try to achieve this in a number of ways; firstly we try and have a brief chat at the end of the session about how we think it has gone, also by having a more formal staff meeting each half term. We also try to arrange a regular social night out which helps maintain good morale between staff. We also build a good relationship by letting the other members of staff know what you are doing at each session, just by informing them of something simple like would you like a cup of tea, or I’m taking child A to the toilet. If we inform each other about what we are doing then we will all know where we are and what we are doing this will help provide the children with a good positive setting to be in which will help them settle into the setting and help them by providing them with a good role model.
Good relationships between parents are achieved by greeting them when they come in first thing in the morning and after each session, talking to them about their child, what they have been doing either by talking to them or by the Home link book. Giving the parents a regular news letter outlining various dates and plans we have. This will make the parents feel more comfortable about leaving their child in our setting. Getting the parents to read the policies and procedures of the setting so that they understand what is expected of them and what is expected of the staff. This will help the parent be more comfortable with us and the setting, which will help the child.
Providing that we speak clearly, don’t raise our voices, keep good eye contact through conversations to let the other person know we are listening to them,   our body language is not inappropriate, don’t make assumptions and find out about people’s views and opinions will help to   build a good relationship.
It is also important to show respect for other adult’s individuality and to accept that...