Promote Communication (for Teaching Assistants)

Unit 8: Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or children’s and Young People’s settings

1.1: Identify different reasons why people communicate?

People communicate for a number of reasons this includes; to express themselves, convey information to others, ask questions, and clarify information and share experiences and ideas. As a Teaching Assistant within my workplace I am expected to; communicate with other members of staff in order to find out what my particular tasks are throughout the day, share any ideas or information during planning sessions with other members of staff, for example, every Tuesday evening after work there is a planning meeting held for all members of staff working within the Foundation Stage to attend in order to share any ideas or appropriate information which might help towards the planning for the following weeks lessons and activities, during this meeting there is also an opportunity to express any feelings or concerns with the other members of staff, this could be about a particular activity that was held during the week for the children or perhaps about a child itself.
At work I am also expected to; establish working relationships with the children in order to help support them with their work and establish that I am an adult within school who they can ask questions and express their individual needs to in order to be supported at school.

1.2: Explain how effective communication affects relationships in the work setting?

At work I must communicate with a number of different people, this includes; parents and families of children, the children themselves and other members of staff. It is important to use effective communication whilst at work because it can; help to establish relationships and help to maintain effective relationships with colleagues, children and parents, this can then help to create a positive environment and also help to build trust with/for all of these people. Using effective communication in...