Project Mitigation Strategies Sci 275

Atmospheric pollution is a very serious issue that has, not been affectively addressed in decades. There have been proposals on how to eliminate air pollution, but those ideas have always been viewed as unrealistic. Leaders of developed countries only, consider the high cost, of affectively reducing pollution, by limiting the use of fossil fuels. They do not view any immediate need to reduce pollution; their inaction disallows the planet to recover slowly, from the damage that has already been done. My essay will effectively describe the causes of this issue, and recommend effective solutions to ratify the situation. These solutions will deal with need to reduce the use of non-renewable energy resources; and incorporate the use of renewable energy. This plan will outline an idea, to use both types of energy sources, renewable energy will be used 70% to 30% for non-renewable energy. This reduction alone will reduce the percentage of global air pollution. Finally, this essay will close with the need to promote energy conservation, and tie the need in with other pollution issues that cause global warming.
Natural Causes
    Air pollution is the release of chemicals, or other substances that pose a risk, to animals and humans. Air pollution is also a natural occurrence, which dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. Volcano eruptions, forest fires, vegetation, deforestation, decay processes in soil, and agriculture; are just some of the, natural causes associated, with airborne pollution.
Human Causes
    Population growth is a leading human factor, which contributes to pollution. The growing population will exhaust all energy resources. At the start of the population growth there were several factors that allowed it to grow. The introduction, of the industrial revolution, advances in farming, and agriculture were created. With these advances food and other goods are now affordable. This allowed families not to be concerned about family size, they could afford...