Environmental Science - Mitigation Strategy and Solutions

Mitigation Strategies

By Connie Blanchard
Due Date – July 18, 2010
Environmental Science – SCI/275
Lynn Thomas, Instructor

Life on this planet would no longer exist without water.   All life forms from single cell organisms to all plants and animals depend on water to stay alive.   Even humans are made up of 60% water.   Our very survival is in the balance when it comes to having clean water.   Without water we cannot continue to produce enough food to feed our ever increasing population.   My plan is to formulate a means of keeping our fresh water resources clean and free of pollutants.   The main goal of water management is to provide a sustainable supply of high quality water.   Sustainable water use means humans use water resources carefully so water is available for future generations.
  Irrigation accounts for the highest percentage of water usage equaling 71% of our world’s consumption of fresh water.   Some of the causes of the existing problem are aquifer depletion, overdrawing surface waters, and salinization of irrigated soil.   As the world’s population continues to increase, global water problems become more serious.   As the needs of the growing human population deplete fresh water supplies, less water will be available for crops.   Famine from water shortages are a definite possibility.
There are many contributing factors of water pollution.   Some of these examples are sewage, disease-causing agents, sediment pollution, organic compounds, inorganic chemicals, and radioactive substances.  
The release of sewage into water causes several pollution problems.   Sewage may carry disease-causing agents.   Water polluted with sewage poses a serious threat to public health.   Sewage also generates two serious environmental problems, enrichment and oxygen demand.   Enrichment of a body of water is due to the presence of high levels of plant and algae nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous, both of which are sewage products.   When an aquatic...