Professionals Give Some Strategies to Speed Up the Flotation Approach

Authorities Give Some Tips to Velocity up the Flotation Procedure Date: 05-13-2014From: SBM MachineryAuthor: admin The flotation pace refers on the demanded time once the machine reaches specific recovery price or the flotation separator gains unit production capability. To improve the recovery price and to shorten the flotation time will be handy to pace up the flotation course of action. Right here our gurus will demonstrate shoppers some beneficial strategies that may enhance the flotation separator's performance.1. The proper formula is the first important matter we should care about when using the flotation separator. We must pay attention to your usage of the foaming agent. Generally speaking, adding particular amount of foaming agent will increase the flotation speed, but too much agent will weaken the selectivity of the machine. raymond mill. Therefore, we should avoid the over use of the foaming agent especially in the fine separation method.2. As long as we control the adjustment in the reasonable range, we can successfully enhance the flotation separating efficiency by increasing the impellor's rotating pace, decreasing the tank depth and shrinking the distance between the impellor and the cover plate.3. During the flotation procedure, we should take measures to make the ore pulp pass through the flotation tank as soon as possible. We'd better prefer the series connected tanks to the parallel connected ones. This will also be handy to boost the working efficiency of the flotation separator.4. It's important to guarantee the proper size of the fine separation tank because too large tank will keep the ore pulp remaining in the tank for a long time, which will not only contribute to your depletion of the concentrate foam but also limit the flotation speed.