What Is a Professional?

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Course: Education 606
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Facilitator:       Victoria B. Subaran

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I. What is a professional?
  What is a profession?
Webster defines   profession as: a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or science.
  What is a professional?
Webster says a professional is someone engaged in one of the learned professions.
Those definitions of profession and professional in the dictionary do not connect to the real issue. The real issue. The real issue what most people want when they refer to themselves as professionals working in a profession, is status and respect.
When we shift the focus of the term professional from what we do to how we are perceived and treated, the definition and the entire concept of the designation, a professional changes.
In that context of status and respect, what exactly is a professional?
  * A professional is someone who takes what they do, whatever that happens to be, and transforms it into an art form.

  * They make the mundane look magnificent.
  * They make seemingly impossible things look drop-dead.
  * They cover all the details, all the time.
  * They master the subtleties.
  * They silently acknowledge that they have a gift for what they do and they give that gift to the people in their world respectively and compassionately.
  * They know that they have never arrived at.

  * They are never content with their present body of knowledge.

  * They live with a constant silent fear of becoming obsolete and irrelevant.
  * They address that fear by...