Product Offering


Product Offering
Poonam Madaan, Senthil Kumar, Tammie Seng
Team E,
University of Phoenix
MKT 571,
                                                    Professor Ken Peter
May 4, 2010

Apple is famous for its brand image of "innovation". It also has a charming and captivating leader. Nowadays the least thing people lack is information. Everyday all kinds of flyers and advertisements will reach everyone and telemarketing for promoting a product. As a company famous for innovation, it certainly cannot do the same. Apple adapts new techniques to promote its products.   First, create a kind of curiosity among people. Apple will inform the public that a new product will be introduced far before the actual introduction. Second, Apple will keep silence on the real form of the product. This strategy is needed to maintain the curiosity of potential customers as well as attracting new customers. Because of the company's image of innovation, those who are interested in Apple will wonder what the new product will be like. The less time remained before the release, the more curiosity there will be and the more curiosity, the more likely those people will actually purchase the product. In today's world, people will like to have some special experience and Apple's communication strategy just provides this.

Appleā€™s Advertisement strategy is always widely appreciated and is designed to reflect their business plan of marketing their innovation ideas. It is always a heavy speculation
The following is a list of various advertising Apple will have to use to market iPad:
TV Advertisements:
Advertising on television is a old way but still a better way to reach a mass audience, this media allows Apple to show and tell the audience about its business, product, and services. Also it allows Apple to actually exhibit the benefits of its product ownership. Apple can promote its product and explain how its product works and how it's packaged to...