Kudler Fine Foods Product Offering



Kudler Fine Foods- Product Offering

University of Phoenix Online
MKT/571: Marketing
Instructor: Morgan Cloward
March, 25th 2010

Kudler Fine Foods – Product Offering

In 1998, Kudler Fine Foods was founded by Kathy Kudler.   In order to increase corporate pressure and globalization, Kathy Kudler felt that there was an opportunity to introduce a new product in the international market, Santiago – Chile.
The new product introduced by Kudler Fine Food in Santigo, Chile is Gourmet Olives. This product is used to make variety of oils, jams, wines etc.   It is beneficial for the health of the consumers and help to control the blood pressure, sugar regulation, market immune system stronger, keeps body young,  keep heart healthy and prevent strokes, etc. (Gourmet Olive oil is healthier than other vegetable oils, 2009).

For the success of the Gourmet olives, it is necessary for the firm to understand the needs of the market, so that company can effectively introduce the new product and customers can accept that product positively. According to the features of the product, gourmet olives are healthier in comparison to other vegetable and fruit oils.

Chile is one of the biggest markets for the olive and the product has a great potential for the success of and growth in these market because the consumers prefers wine made from olive and gourmet olives will give a new taste and favor to them.   In addition, the country is in demand by restaurant industry, oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, house wives, snacks and food industry. Consequently, the growth of the market for olive product is also very high and good.
Thus, on the basis of above discussion, it can be concluded that the market of Chile is very potential for the growth of the new product of Kudler Fine Foods. If the management accomplishes effective marketing research it would be possible for them to evaluate the various factors such as...