Procter and Gamble Report

Conference Call June 10, 2009
The conference call begins with an introduction of all the people who are on the call.   The two main people on the call are A.G. Lafley, R.A. Bob McDonald and J.R. Jon Moeller.   They also talk about what they have planned for the meeting and everything that will be going over.   They are congratulating Bob McDonald on getting his job as Chief Executive Officer.     They are talking about the reasons that he is qualified for the job and some of the reasons why they hired him such as being balanced in experience and temperament.   Bob has 30 years of experience within the company and around the world.   Bob has had about every job that is possible to have in the company.   The reiterate many times how confident they are in Bob McDonald.  
What Bob McDonald is going to do?
Bob starts by thanking the company for giving him this tremendous opportunity.   He goes on to talk about how he is going to take care of the company.   The things he is focused on mostly for Procter and Gamble are the gross strategies and core strengths to bring them through the economic recession.   He talks about the significant chances they have to keep growing in the following markets and the percentage of the market they are at right now global house hold care 20%, consumer healthcare 5%, beauty and grooming with a 15% share this shows the tremendous opportunities that they have to continue to grow.   They will continue to grow in emerging markets they are only serving 3.5 billon people while the world has 6.8 billon people.   He wants to increase the income that comes from Russia and China to the same level that they have in Mexico.   He thinks a major thing is to increase productivity and simplify the way the company works to save money and be more efficient.   He states that Procter and Gamble is “one team with one goal.”   He wants to grow by touching people’s lives by providing easier ways for people to do things, this has always been P&G’s way of...