Apple Company Management

1. Introduction
This report will study, as I think, the most quickly developing and the most highly-technological corporation in the electronics market of the modern world – Apple. The report’s purpose is to embrace the main information about the company, its international work, issues, used strategies, various factors’ influence and, eventually, to put forward a few appropriate suggestions so that the company could enjoy more success.
2. Company background
2.1 Well, Apple, as it is well-known, is a multinational organization which specializes in production of mobile phones (the iPhone), PCs (the Macintosh line of computers), tablet computers (the iPad), players (the iPod), software (as the OS X, iOS...), different accessories to its gadgets and stuff.
2.2 Apple is a global company which operates in a lot of countries. It ranks with the world’s biggest mobile-phone makers such as Nokia and Samsung and longs to be on the top in production of their hardware.
2.3 The uniqueness of the corporation is in achieving something new and offering it to its clients. I think that the word «NEW» is a basic word of Apple. And, besides that, the second important word is «FIRST».  
2.4 ‘Cause Apple was the first company to produce the prototype, as a lot of people think, of the computer that almost all of us have at home today (Apple II).   This computer was the first to be produced by the millions of copies, by the way. A lot of innovations that today’s electronics market has was brought into it by Apple (just take, at least, this widespread touch screen the modern corporations have). And nowadays the brand and the logo of Apple are the most recognizable things on the market of electronics. And I suppose nobody can cause such a stir on the threshold of a new product’s release but Apple.
2.5 Moreover, the organization has the very convenient way of resolving any issues. The company can offer the support for its clients all over the world and figure your problems out if you...