Problem Statement Focusing on Management Efforts and End Vision of Kudler Fine Foods to Achieve Its Organization Goals

Problem Statement
    Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is based at California and owned by Kathy Kudler. It has stores in La Jolla, De Mar and Encinitas. Future expansion is leading to consolidate the De Mar store for the Carlsbad location which is still in a planning progress. This decision is lead by the fact that the De Mar location is not doing well. Evaluating this decision will realize the management as to why a consolidation is required and not an expansion to the new location. For now the plans for the new location is on the way but the conclusion whether the new location may end up with the same fate as the De Mar location is to be questioned. The proposed idea is to have the management team to focus on the under improvement of the De Mar location and use it as a benefit for the new location. A professional employee to manage the operation’s finance should be hired or trained. Current employee could be hired and trained to boost employees’ satisfaction and shorten time wastage as the current employee is familiar with current affairs. This also enhances the level of professionalism that KFF is bringing into its operation. Managers are to discuss what is to be expected from this certain individual. This will drive managers to think out of the box, questioning its methodology and getting to know more about the issues at stake. The more questions asked on a topic, the more understanding one obtains.    
    Management team should be a team and not relying on the owner to make all major decisions. KFF relies on Kathy too much so much so certain operations are at a stall when she is not feeling well or on vacation. Referring to the hierarchy chart, there is enough managers and assistant managers to run the show if Kathy was to be unavailable in a given certain time. The management team should be operating the store and only consolidating information with her from time to time seeking guidance on certain major issues. Kathy has a sense of a singular responsibility and...