Kudler Fine Foods Statement


Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement
      Kudler Fine Foods, a company established in 1998 with a vision set by it’s owner Kathy Kudler, to provide gourmet foods for the “savvy shopper”. It was discussed in group A , that KFF is an up and coming gourmet grocery store with a few problems that should be identified now to help with the future growth and expansion. Some issues that seem to surface are the constant turn over of organic produce, the managers responsibilities are limited, the lack of employee responsibility ,the need for an updated inventory system, high payroll of employees   .   (University of Phoenix, 2009) Overall the company looks great on the books, but to move effectively into the next level of growth and expansion, KFF must consider a different approach to management duties, employee knowledge and responsibility, and time constraints. I have developed the following problem statement: To recognize that to become an expert in the current market, Kathy will implement various aspects of management to include employee empowerment, mentorship and specialized training.
      To get further involved in KFF current situation one must take a deeper look into the human relations (HR) issues of this company as well. Kathy Kudler juggles all of the responsibilities of a first or entry level manager. She handles all of the financial duties and responsibilities. She devotes majority of her time in the back office due to the work load she takes on by herself. This usually restricts her from working   on the sales floor and interacting with her staff and customers. It also leaves little room for employees to gain more training from Kathy. Currently she has managers to work day to day operations at the stores but their duties are limited. If the owner was to become sick or had an unexpected emergency, the store is left idle in replacement of inventory and other business related issues that arise. Currently KFF has three locations and   are looking   to...