Kudler Fine Foods Problems Statement

As Kathy Kudler states in her mission she is committed to providing the finest selection of the best foods and wines so her customers can create their culinary visions. She has been able to accomplish her mission on different levels, but she has not reached her vision of becoming the premier gourmet grocery store. The problems that have plagued Kudler Fine Foods include unsold perishable items, lack of income produced at the Del Mar location, and how Kathy delegates responsibilities within her organization.
As stated in her strategic plan 12% of perishable items are removed from the store’s shelves every 2-3 days. This is done in good effort to maintain her mission of only providing the best selection of the finest foods. With this turn over of goods not sold, she is losing money, and wasting time. These are goods either produced in store or purchased.   When the thrown out perishables are produced in store Kudler is not only spending money on the materials to produce, but the employee’s salary to make the items. These employees are high end employees such as butchers and bakers, which make up a significant amount of her payroll. When the items are purchased, Kathy herself spends time on ordering of these items. That is only a portion of the issue with these items not sold; the money that is lost is significant, and effecting her bottom line, and ability to use her finances to invest in opportunities to help Kudler grow to be the premier gourmet grocery store.
The Kudler Fine Foods Del Mar location is just able to stay above break-even. Even though this location is seemingly not losing money, not making money is the same as losing money. There is no profit provided to put back into her organization, and help her   reach her vision. Since it is only one of three locations, Kathy spends close to a third of her time and energy and financial resources on this location. This location also holds the high end employees, such as wine steward, butcher and baker. These well...