Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

Kudler Fine Foods has much to offer to the communities in which it is located.   However, Kudler Fine Foods also has many daunting possibilities to fail.   Three main areas should be addressed in which this can happen.   To start, there is a lack of a legal department within the company.   Anne Shousha may very well be successful in her field but taxes and the legal workings of a business the size of Kudler Fine Foods are on completely different ends of the spectrum.   A better opportunity for the company’s success is to hire a qualified lawyer who is more educated and experienced in the legal workings of a business.  
Another possible outlet for failure is the fact that the Del Mar location is not as successful as the other two locations.   If the Del Mar location stays in the red, it can start to pull down the company a little at a time.   A possible solution is to sell the Del Mar location to a business that is better suited to the local demographic and open a Kudler Fine Foods in a more logical area.   Because Kathy is looking to open a new store in other cities such as San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, or Santa Barbara; the profit she can make in a close out sale at the Del Mar location may provide the extra revenue to open that newer and better location.  
Finally, it is clear that too much responsibility is on the shoulders of Kathy Kudler.   If Kathy was to distribute this task to her purchasing director and then trickle down to the purchasing manager and inventory manager, this would enable multiple persons to check that purchases are done efficiently and correctly.
Applying any one of these solutions can ensure the success of the company.   Kudler Fine Foods can become the most successful gourmet food store in California by no location ever suffering from a bad legal situation, low revenue, or non-efficient purchasing.
In the next year Kudler Fine Foods will establish a strong legal team to foresee possible legal situations that can put the future of the...