Principles of Delivering Learning

Unit 1: Key principles of delivering learning.

Identify and describe one good and one bad personal learning experience, in terms of the following: initial assessment, planning, resources, learning activities, teaching methods, assessment, evaluation techniques, the learning environment and describe how their reflections would ensure that their own delivery is a positive experience for their learners.

“My bad personal learning experience.”

      I attended an advanced Food Hygiene course held at Bradford University in 2000. The course was scheduled for 26 weeks and the expected outcome was to achieve the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) advance food hygiene certificate. I wanted this certificate to enable me to deliver the basic food hygiene training course and register with the CIEH as a tutor.

I had received a course work booklet only two days prior to the commencement of the course and found that I was required to purchase a textbook that would be used throughout the 26 weeks. This was on top of my initial course fee and was only available from a selected bookstore.

The course was to be held in the local university halls, where, exactly, would only be made known when my classmates and I finally tracked down our tutor on site who was a replacement for the scheduled tutor who, we were told, had been double booked. Following our “new” tutor we tramped the corridors of this very imposing building trying to find our designated classroom only to find this too had been “double booked”. Half an hour after our arrival and proposed start time we were ushered into a large classroom. The environment was cold, drafty, poorly lit with what can only be described as well used old school furniture containing the names of previous “students” engraved into desktops in a variety of creative designs.

Our Tutor eventually began by asking us to sign a register, or in this case a blank sheet of   A4 paper, because she had left most of “the forms” at...