Discuss the Highlighted Area and How It May Affect You and Your Students When Delivering Learning.

Discuss the highlighted area and how it may affect you and your students when delivering learning.
Describe how you would deal with any relevant situations that may arise when delivering learning.
Please include specific examples for your area of teaching.
  1. Guide to achieving equality and diversity

  * Equality is about recognising difference – the law and your responsibilities
  * Diversity is about celebrating difference – how you engage, challenge and celebrate

When teaching you need to consider the following:
  * Use diverse resources in order to include ALL learners.
  * Ensure all resources are accessible to all learners (large print/on tape)
  * Use a variety of teaching methods based on an assessment of learners in your class.
  * Ensure assessment is FAIR
  * Ensure the language you use and your learners is non-discrimatory and appropriate (avoid sarcasm/jargon)
  * Ensure any comments made by yourself and any learner is appropriate and non-discrimatory
  * Present all units in a way that is sensitive to equality and diversity.
  * Allow learners the opportunity to evaluate the course in an open, honest and anonymous way.
In planning it is important to consider the following:
  * Class layout.
  * teaching styles (auditory, visual, kinaesthetic)
  * course documents – do they take into account the needs of individual learners (FONT/COLOUR/SIZE/DIFFERENT FORMAT)
In delivery it is important to:
  * include information on equality and diversity in the induction
  * Set appropriate ground rules
  * Consider your use of language and challenge others if they use inappropriate language.
  * Consider assessment methods
Other considerations include
  1. Use examples and make reference to a range of cultures, religions, traditions.

  1. include a variety of groups in your course materials (diverse backgrounds, disabled, socio-economic groups)
  2. Are additional...