Positive and Negative Emotions

Heidi A. Wallace
Sara Kassabian
Positive and Negative Emotions

When it comes to positive emotions, there are countless benefits that are associated with its experiences. When life is hard for a person, emotions that are positive can help reduce our stress levels and improve our well-being. When a person has negative emotions, it can narrow our thoughts so that we may feel limited. When a person has positive emotions, it can contribute to mental and physical well-being, so if a person is in a good mood, they will feel better about themselves all around. If a person has negative emotions, it can compromise their health, which positive emotions enhance. Studies have been done that proves positive emotions can broaden a persons' outlook and offset negative emotions. It can also enhance a persons' resilience and even improve a persons' emotional well-being.
Both men and woman share the same levels of happiness, but they are different when it comes to how they handle their negative emotions. Men do not, usually, express their negative emotions as much as woman do. Because of this woman experience internalizing disorders such depression and anxiety. Men, on the other hand, do not show their emotions as well. This type of emotions is directed toward different objects, situations, and people. Men are more likely to turn to alcohol or drugs and have uncontrollable anger issues. Woman do not show as much aggression as men do, and they are more lovers than fighters.
Researchers have explained that although have higher levels of pleasant and unpleasant emotions than men do. Woman have been known to be unhappy in life than men. Maybe this is because men have a better way of hiding their emotions than woman do. They tend to drink, do drugs, or be violate whereas woman would rather discuss what has made them unhappy rather than holding it in.