Have the Events and Changes That Have Happened to Claire Had a Positive or Negative Effect on Her?

Have the events and changes that have happened to
Claire had a positive or negative effect on her?
Claire deals with many remarkable events and goes through unusual changes to deal with each event. She goes through three stages after Steven’s death, first going into a cocoon like state where she protects herself. Secondly, changes her identity to Sophia Lupe which could be perceived as very strange. Finally she finds herself again after finding the answers to her brother’s death. Claire’s changes and the events that have happened to her have been dramatic, but I believe they have been a positive effect on her.
After Steven’s death Claire could been seen as going into a cocoon like state, Claire moves into Steven’s room, and becomes even more disconnected to the outside world.   Scientists believe there are five stages of grieving, this cocoon state can be related to the second, yearning, denial because she moves into Steven’s room to surround herself with his possessions. Trying to not let go him by encircling herself with the memory of her brother. The first stage of mourning is denial; I think she would find it difficult to feel this emotion because she witnessed Steven’s death. The third stage is Anger; after coming to terms with his death and deciding she needs to find answers. She wants revenge for Steven’s death, this could be a good and a bad thing because it does allow her to try and find answers about his death; finding closure. However, it does make her vulnerable to making bad decisions, as seen when she instantaneously believes Victor telling her that Steven’s murderer is Benjamin. Claire’s obsession with finding answers about her brother’s death is unhealthy, but her mental state after an event like this is understandable. Justifiably she wants to consider the possibility that he can help her find an answer but she is too trusting and this is her downfall.
Subsequently she takes the next stage in her changes, changing her identity to Sophia Lupe....