Did the Post War Economic Boom Have a Positive or Negative Impact on America?

The Economic Miracle after the World War II was a rapid economic growth and expansion in the 1949. Between the year 1945 and 1960 the GNP has grew about 250% but the unemployment remained low. This economic boom has brought many impacts on the American society.

The economic growth brings several positive impacts. First, 100 billion dollar was spent on the interstate highway program. Also a technological innovation led to growth in productivity and the first modern computer IBM was built. Science space technology advance in 1961 and Alan Sheppard was the first American in space. Medically advancement was the Salk and Polio vaccination which help control the disease and decrease the infant mortality by half.

In addition, there was an increase in birth rate which leads to a growing consumer demand. Large corporations that controlled an enormous proportion of the nation’s economic activity grew. Especially those that benefited from government defense spending this help the economic boom has lead to wage increase.

Moreover, Consumer culture and obsession was cause by prosperity. Goods and technology improves such as the invention of dishwashers, televisions and stereos. As televisions become popular and replaced newspaper, magazines, and radio as a source of information. It had a tremendous affect on the American society such as the change in sport. As the popularity of television increase it promotes the industry of televisions show, channel or program. One of the famous examples was the Mickey Mouse Club and it led to a demand for related products.
Furthermore, there is a suburb growth which is when people who move from cities to suburbia for larger home for larger families were mostly white and separated by class. By moving to the suburb this provides privacy and space for consumer growth. Also this resulted old building in the city replaced by a new building.

Even though the growth of suburb has lead to the growth in housing, automobiles and roads. But...