Pos110 Final


Challenges of Democracy

We are constantly asked on how we feel about our Democracy in America. Well we do not have a democracy is it more of a republic. A republic is a political system in which the power lies within the citizens. The citizens vote in a head of state, who we call a President, to represent them (dictionary.com, 2010) .   Our founding fathers being as smart as they were considering the times when not many people attended college knew that a true democracy would not work. They knew that people could get “power hungry” and try and control the country and want to have all the power. Even to this day we still have our problems even with the changes we have made to adapt to the ever changing society.

The Framers Intentions
When the Constitution was written it was not something entirely new. Constitutions existed for countries. These educated men knew what they were doing, they had examples to draw upon, and they had experiences with other writings to build on. Other countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, Italy and Japan all have their own constitutions (constitution.org, n.d.). Unlike many of the other worldwide constitutions ours differs. It can be easily modified by the people. Could you imagine being in that room with the founding fathers drafting the Constitution that we still live by today? Do you think that could have imagined that over 200 years later we are still using the same constitution they came up with? How many people do you think would volunteer for such a job in modern day society?

Civil Rights
One thing that comes to mind on the subject of Civil Rights is Women’s ongoing battle for equality in society.   Women have made major strides in equality as the years have gone on but in many other countries most women cannot say the same. We should be grateful in this country women do not have to cover their faces from society and do not have to live by what their husband says and basically do not...