Accounting Final

Accounting 220 Final

  Craig Parr

Axia College of University of Phoenix


The name of the company is Call-A-Nerd, L.L.P. The reason this have chosen this name is I already own it, and have done nothing with it in years. My goal during my schooling is to reopen it based on all I learned in all my classes.

The company structure is a Limited Liability Partnership. This business structure keeps the partners personal assets protected from any possible liability claims. This business type allows for the appointment of additional partners by offering percentages to those who assist in the development of the company.

Call-A-Nerd, L.L.P. will focus primarily on service calls to small to medium businesses. The sales of new units and parts will be a side benefit of those sales calls. The company will also offer custom built game computers, business servers, both blade and small scale. Along with our repair services we will also provide business and home voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems, network cabling and full office setup. Currently in this market companies are blossoming, like Geek Squad. Their business plan is directed toward customers who frequent their stores. This leaves a large gap in the small to medium business market that no company is serving. In most cases these customers just replace the broken unit as opposed to repairing it at a fraction of the cost.

As many have learned by examples in the text many successful companies have an accounting system in place. This structure must begin at the start of any company. Even a company as small as Call-A-Nerd, L.L.P. there must be accountability. Starting a small company without an accounting department or system could be fatal. In the beginning we will use a multi-role staffer who can handle the tasks of assigning customer calls, all accounting duties, accounts receivable, accounts payable and billing. These procedures will be followed up by the sales manager for each department....