Bureaucracy and You
Every day we all have something we do which involves the federal bureaucracy somehow. Whether it involves the driver’s license one uses to drive their car to work, or the water we use to take a shower or drink. The federal bureaucracy is around us in everything we do each day and without such, we would have dirty unsafe water and contaminated food. We all benefit from the federal bureaucracies and this is one of the main reasons people come to America for safe and regulated living.
    One of the safety regulations established was the Safe Drinking Water Act. This Act was put in place in order to make sure all drinking water was safe both above ground and underground. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (2010), “The Act authorizes EPA to establish minimum standards to protect tap water and requires all owners or operators of public water systems to comply with these primary (health-related) standards”   (Summary of the Safe Drinking Water Act, para. 2). The government uses science to test the water and companies have to follow mandated guidelines and keep up with the standards of making sure the water is clean and safe for drinking. Without clean water to drink there would be many sick people because of the diseases developed from contaminated water.
Diesel Fuel
    School buses use diesel fuel which is regulated by federal bureaucracy too. When using diesel fuel, it releases chemicals into the air which can be harmful to the environment. In 1993 a law was mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure all diesel vehicles had the appropriate exhausts installed on them (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2010). Also in 2006 they started requesting low sulfur in the diesel fuel as well (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2010). Federal bureaucracy in this situation protects the air we breathe as well as the environment.
    Many Americans consume meat in their daily...