Pos 110 Bureaucratic Reform Week 8

The Bureaucracy is a form of rational standardized government. Although as with any government agency there will always be some sort of “red tape” or hoops that one must go through in order to receive the wanted out come. For example in order to obtain a government issued driver’s license a person must first have a form of picture Identification, as well as proof of current address. Furthermore they must also take a written test, and possibly a drive test as well. These are just the steps that must be taken in order to receive the documents that one wants. In order to obtain the documents that are wanted it is necessary for one to complete the correct paperwork, however some people see this as a hassle, therefore the term “red tape” comes into play.
Although the Bureaucracy includes people who are employed by the government such as your DMV workers, or the social security workers, it is not the bureaucrats who are to blame for the red tape. In all actuality it is the legislative branch of congress to blame. This is because legislation so that not only will it protect the people, but it must be done in order to get the wanted outcome.
As with any agency or government there are going to be pros and cons. After watching the video on the bureaucracy the pro’s that I saw were that the bureaucracy provides limited resources to the citizens that cannot and are not offered through any other agency or outside sources. Furthermore outside technology is available to register your car, or renew your driver’s license, it isn’t necessary for one to go into the DMV to do these things anymore. Also it is not a profit driven organization, this makes the resources more affordable to an extent.
Now to take a look at the con’s to the bureaucracy, some people say that the customer service is definitely not the best. However one way to fix this is to make the organization more profit driven, or to hire more help. Furthermore there is the possibility of not having all of the...