Politics and Drugs

I think that Politics has had a positive effect on the drug problem in the United States especially when dealing with legalization. Most states are not for the legalization of drugs which is a positive decision when dealing with the drug issue. While California has decided to make marijuana legal, other states have not been on the band wagon. Although the issue still arises within politics, most still have decided against it. Some say that the legalization of drugs could lessen the amount of drug crimes, I do not believe this would help the drug problem. While it may lessen the amount of drug related crimes, which in turn would save the Country billions of dollars to house these criminals, it could become a negative effect on current drug users, prior drug users and non drug users as well. It would make drugs more accessible, which could be an additional influence to the ones already out there. I think it is worth the extra money to fight the war on drugs, to attempt to get dealers and users off the streets. While drug crimes may be increasing, the drug problem still stands.
The war on drugs has been an issue for years and may continue to be, but putting the opportunity at the tip of the people’s fingertips would only make the drug problem worse. It would open new doors to many by making drug use look okay in the public eye. Drug use has been an issue in the United States for many decades, and drug problems do nothing but ruin lives. Sure, some people can change and will change, but many will not. Some will spend their lifetime in prison while others may overdose and die. So why would we give the public the chance to ruin their lives? As long as politics keep a no vote on the upper hand for legalizing drugs, they will continue to have a positive effect on the problem. Although it may never go away, we should not give up.