Political Discourse

We believe that political discourse is necessary. Firstly I would like to point out that my opponents agreed with my contentions straight out. Furthermore, my opponents never arguewd with the fact that political discourse does brief the voters much more. So political discourse does help voters much more and it truly does help America make decisions. So therefore political discourse must be helpful.   Moreover, my opponent made no logical argument about the fact that political discourse does get issues into people’s mind, because at the time when the supreme court case went on there was no thought about the crime rates and they had no correlation. However, when a lot of conversation went on about this case, the crime rates were brought up. Thus, political discourse does help because to some extent it can fix many issues within our government. Which finally brings me to the point that without political discourse, our nation could not function, so political discourse is very helpful

Important bills get passed almost every presidency, the question is how many. Every bill that isn’t passed doesn’t always have a reason to not be passed. Such as the 9/11 survivorbill. That bill would have helped all the brave people on that event that helped so much, and because of that now have health problems, but because of political discourse the polarization became too much within the senate and now those survivors are still suffering.
Opponent says that more information so easy to figure out fake however, people still believe the fake material because in general the human is lazy.
Furthermore, my opponent concedes technology spreads information so that just proves my point that people will get the wrong information , especially since the fake information spreads faster
My opponent claims that more voters is good, however the economy IS doing bad and that does correlate with the president’s decisions so this would prove that these recent presidents haven’t been doing well and...