A policeman is a familiar figure. He is found everywhere in his uniform. He performs his duty in the city streets, railway platforms, inter-state bus stands and at other places. He carries a stick and whistle in his hand.

He is a useful servant. He maintains order and peace. He wants us to obey the law of the land. Maintenance of law is his duty. It is his duty to protect the life and property of the people. He is a terror to the bad characters.

A policeman performs very hard duty. Many people do not like a policeman because he is rough. People not like policemen because they think that all policemen are corrupt and dishonest. But some policemen are the honest and polite.

In big cities where the law and order situation go" bad, it is the policeman who comes to the rescue of the people. The policeman uses force if there are danger the lives of citizens. The policeman should be hones polite, kind and literate to serve the people. It is our due to cooperate with him.

A policeman is a useful public servant. He is paid from the Government treasury. He is smart and active. He serve the public. He looks handsome in his uniform. Without him no Government can run. Our liberty depends on him. We need his help at every time.

His Uniform

Like the postman he has a uniform. Which consists of a shirt, pants and a turban or cap. Round his waist there is a leather belt, and a red turban or cap on his head. Two or three letters on his shoulders bear the name of his state. He wears well polished boots.

His Duties

The Policeman has to do many duties. He keeps watch over our houses at night. He controls the traffic on the cross roads. He finds out wrong doers and get them punished. He keeps peace and order in the country. He seems that law is not broken. This he does sometimes at the risk of his own life. At dead of night, when everybody is fast asleep, you can hear his whistle or sound of his footsteps. His name discourages people to quarrel among...