Reflective Essay: This Incident Proved to Be the Turning Point in My Life

After graduating from high school, I went on to study fashion designing. Here in college, I met a girl, Vanessa, who had deep blue eyes and light brown locks. She was a kind, gentle and considerate person. She always thought about others before herself. She was very charitable and loved to care for those less privileged than herself. We got to know each other and became good friends. Vanessa and I used to spend our weekends together and on several occasions, joined each other on holiday. But, all this changed in one day.

Vanessa’s dad was a wealthy businessman and he was envied by many people. He was the target for every hijacker. On a dark, starless night, they chose to attack. Vanessa and I had gone out to the shopping mall, her parents were alone at home. Five vicious men broke into the house. They tied Vanessa’s mum and dad to a chair and gagged them. Then they continued their mission, that is, to take as many valuables as they can. Back at the mall Vanessa and I were enjoying ourselves. She had no idea that her life was going to change when she got back.

I was lying in bed that night, when suddenly the phone rang. It was Vanessa. She was screaming hysterically telling me that I must get the police to come over to her place immediately. I was very worried. I alerted the cops and went to her house with my dad. When we were outside, she told me to be careful because ‘they’ may still be in the house. At that moment, I knew exactly what happened. We waited outside for then cops and then went in.            

When we entered, we saw blood spills everywhere. Her dad’s body was lying on the floor drenched in blood as her mother watched on, crying at the scene in front of her. He had cuts all over his body. A policeman immediately phoned for an ambulance while another untied the mother. I informed the cops that the daughter was somewhere in the house, I went with them to look for Vanessa. It didn’t take long to find her. She was in a corner of her room,...