Taking Advantage of a Liberal Education

“Taking Advantage of a Liberal Education”

A liberal education is an opportunity to gain general knowledge and intellectual skills. People that are financially, socially, or intellectually challenged need liberal education to improve their quality of life, but only if they want to put forth the effort to excel. There are many ways that financially challenged people can benefit from having a liberal education.
Improving occupational background, social status, or raising annual income are small pieces to the puzzle of increasing the quality life. If the application of liberal education impacts living a wealthier life, then it will also affect the lives of future generations in your family. There is an element of college that also benefits the financially troubled called financial aid. Financial aid includes all types of money, loans, and work-study programs offered to a student to help pay tuition costs and living expenses. “Most students and their parents will pay as much as $160,000 only if they believe a college experience will lead to a better economic future” (Coplin 297). An argument that constantly arises is the burden of paying back financial aid. With a better economic future in hand, paying back student loans should become fairly easy over time.
A successful economic future will take care of more than just your financial aid, but also helps with attaining the skills that promote success. The social status of a person can improve by using the skills learned in the process of a liberal education.

Improving the degree of honor or prestige attached to one's position in society will bring out the skills of a liberal education such as; dependability, teamwork, obtaining and analyzing information, problem solving, and writing critically. In the essay “Lost in the Life of the Mind”, Coplin states, “According to employers, college students are not prepared for the workforce because they lack the skills and character needed to succeed” (297)....