Who Shall Dwell in Your Holy Hill?

by Cliff York
These words taken from the 15th Psalm remind us that the Psalmist often reflected upon the spiritual character of those "Blessed of the Father who will inherit the Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the World." Surely we all desire to be on the right side of Christ when we stand before Him at the Great Assize shortly. All who read this will then have a great interest in pondering the following question that was presented by our Lord Himself toward the end of His ministry:-
"Who then is a Faithful and Wise Servant?"
In Matthew 24:45 & Luke 12:42, Christ posed this question to all who have heard Him, right down through the passage of time. And in the context, He exhorts all who anticipate His return to the earth to "be ye therefore ready... for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not," cp Matt 24:44. Or as the first part of that verse has been better translated,"be ye also getting ready," ('ie. it is in the continuous present tense in the Greek.') Of course, this describes a 'process of preparation' which involves a lifetime of dedication. Much the same as when Christ said "be ye also perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect," cp Matt 5:48. In these words, Christ is describing the process ofstriving toward perfection, rather than the final evidence of complete perfection in any one saint's life, as we prepare for eternity on the other side of this present vale of tears. And in truth, no-one will be able to claim in all honesty, at the coming of the Lord, that they were as ready as they would have wished to have been for that climactic event. Indeed, there is evidence that this lack of complete "readiness" includes all who have ever been called to a life of probation. (It matters not, whether they have already passed into the article of death, having"died in the Lord" prior to Christ's advent, or whether they are of that blessed number who are "alive and remain unto the coming of...